“This was one of the most peaceful and relaxing moments of our glamping experience. My husband built a fire in this well appointed Safari tent, then we unwrapped a handsomely prepared dish of s'mores to prepare in the fire. There was a cozy sleeping bag in front of the fire place where we bundled up together and just snuggled close to one another. I felt like we bonded in a way I haven't felt in the 21 years we had been together. The fire was warm, the Safari tent was peaceful, cozy, comfortable and the outside environment was beautiful. The atmosphere was just superb. The fire was popping and cracking.” [Jervetta]

Escape from everyday life, and appreciate nature. Are you looking for comfort, and adventurous destination with our resort's natural settings. Are you seeking pure relaxation and bonding with your family? Then Wilderness Survival Glamping is your perfect resort. 

Escape Everyday Life

Glamping in the Catskills and Adirondacks.

Glamping is luxury camping in our extraordinary natural setting of 100 pristeen acres. You can enjoy all that nature bears in the comfort of our deluxe Safari tents and high quality services.Wilderness Survival Glamping include activities for your desires to try many adventurous activities, eat gourmet natural food and enjoy delicious fresh all natural drinks. Glamping is a means to escape and relax in an eco-friendly way



"Glamorous Camping

Enjoy Nature in Luxury