Glamping Amenities

Wilderness Resort Glamping 

Wilderness Resort Glamping has reached new heights. Glamping is situated on a bluff overlooking the Adirondack  Mountains overlooking the Hudson Valley. This special camp offers one of the most breathtaking views on our 100 acre property.

Our Glamping features six large tent suites that include

Spacious Adirondack furniture style bedrooms from rustic Wilderness Survival Glamping to Deluxe Resort Glamping;
 Individual fireplaces and optional wood burning stoves;
Dining pavilion with everything from American style breakfast, heavenly burgers to barbecued trout with individual or family style dinners.
Two two-bedroom tent suites feature plenty of room for families,
Two one bedroom wilderness survival tents for those who want to be closer to nature, while there are
Two one-bedroom (adult-only) honeymoon tents serve as the exemplary accommodations for romantic getaways.
Four one bedroom Wilderness Survival Rustic sites

Guests can relax in the impressive dining gazebo and enjoy the camp chef's delectable cuisine while the camp concierge prepares a roaring fire complete with heavenly s'mores. We include a myriad of luxury resort amenities.

Complimentary Amenities 
Rates include breakfast, and dinner daily for two(2) adults

Extensive hiking trail system   
Fishing equipment rentals

Conscierge Options:
(all options are cost per person)
Wilderness Survival Training: 8 hour course  $150     4 hour course $75 
Mud Run Training: 8 hours $95
Guided Trail hiking: 4 hour $65